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Everyone develops an idea or two, once in a way. Some are even seemingly brilliant. But only a lucky few get a chance, even to attempt making those concepts into a workable reality. However, what is almost impossible individually is often possible with a collective will, resources and collaboration. Mojgenie, meaning My Genie, is the result of such a collaboration, of four like-minded, successful young minds, who have come together to make many such “brilliant concepts”, both shelved and new, into commercial successes.

Our mission & vision

To lead in various avenues of software development by implementing novel ideas for project development thus delivering customized cost-effective solutions to its prospective and current clients.

To earn global admiration as a software development company, by building and maintaining a long lasting relationship with people and technology along with the fabrication of functional software and excellent services.

Discover the values that drive us

At Mojgenie, we would rather not do a project than leave a client unhappy. Every client will be made to feel that Mojgenie is a part of their team, always with them rather than just “available on call” to solve problems


We won’t tip-toe around a client’s idea if we think it’s a goner. Instead, we’ll provide a detailed explanation as to why it doesn’t work and how it could be done better. Tough love!

Business success

We seek out and utilise the latest technology to create better, more effective solutions. This gives our clients an unparalleled competitive advantage.


At Mojgenie, it’s not about writing the code: it’s about delivering an effective solution that brings business value to our clients as well as their future customers.

People growth

At Mojgenie, it’s not about the company, it’s about the people. We encourage their personal growth, competence development, and overall satisfaction.

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