Technology… From Mojgenie

Application of technology in versatile segments and bringing in versatile technologies into applications is indeed the core definition of Team Mojgenie

We love software challenges. While the ‘routine’ keeps the till ringing, variety spices up a software professional’s life. If it can be done, Team Mojgenie will find a way. Our R&D comes up with a methodology, existing or innovative, and our development team makes it viable.

And oh yes, challenges we had, but we prevailed and excelled. Take a look at Mojgenie’s project list and you will see the variety and the spices.


Technological Excellences

Flagship project

MOTS – Multi-functional Online Teaching System, the most versatile, effective, secure, interactive and user friendly digital platform for online LIVE Teaching & learning, developed exclusively in-house, surpassing international standards.

There’s More


A product of international repute is yet another high-note from the Mojgenie ensemble. A utility and bill payment application aimed at PRAVASIS’ proved to be a boon to the blue-collar working class in the Middle East.

Easy Kart

A complete solution for managing value stored card’s sales, distribution and their tracking.

Cloud Management Solution

A fully automated subscription based cloud space management system where one can buy and manage space and services on the Cloud optimally.

Mojgenie – Know more

Everyone develops an idea or two, once in a way. Some are even seemingly brilliant. But only a lucky few get a chance, even to attempt making those concepts into a workable reality. However, what is almost impossible individually is often possible with a collective will, resources and collaboration.

Mojgenie, meaning My Genie, is the result of such a collaboration, of four like-minded, successful young minds, who have come together to make many such “brilliant concepts”, both shelved and new, into commercial successes.

Our Expertise

Sky is the limit and the Cloud is where we excel.

  • Laravel PHP
  • React
  • Vuejs
  • React native
  • Swift
  • Objective c
  • Kotlin
  • Android java
  • Server management
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Container
  • VPN

Reasons to keep Mojgenie your Technology Partner

At Mojgenie, we would rather not do a project than leave a client unhappy. Every client will be made to feel that Mojgenie is a part of their team, always with them rather than just “available on call” to solve problems.

In order to make a project work optimally, error free execution alone is not enough. We involve in your project and our commitment to make it work optimally makes all the difference.

Dedicated & Committed development team

We have a young, vibrant team of software professionals who are committed to the project they are working on.

Unlike the compartmentalized work culture most companies have adapted, our developers work as a team, discussing and deciding the best way forward. In turn, their reward is the satisfaction of being involved in the project, start to finish, being hands-on in the evolution of a concept into a running project.

There’s More

Application of need-based software technology

At Mojgenie, the software technology is decided based on the need of the project and what is best for the project.

We do not develop software in what we are familiar with. If a new technology is warranted, we add an expert to our team or polity decline the project.

There’s More

Support System

The uncompromising 24/7 support of a group of dedicated talented youngsters, mature beyond their years, ensure uninterrupted uptime, every time.

24/7 world class support

Mojgenie – The human touch in the latest in technology.